Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The old cut and the new

I got given a photo of the cut taken last November before any of the laying was done. It's hard to believe it's the same place, but it is. Last autum (and for the previous 20 years or so the cut was a mysterious dark tunnel while now it's a light, open, flower filled walk. Something has been lost. Something gained. Some people love the change, some people hate it. Me? I expect it will all grow up again in the next thirty years. European money won't last forever.

Most likely the cut has seen the cycle many times before. We know the path has been there for a couple of hundred years and more likely two or three times as long as that.

The photo came from Ian Stone of Forest Friendly Farming who arranged the funding for laying the hedges - (yes it did come from Europe). The Forest Friendly Farming website is at http://www.forestfriendlyfarming.org.uk/.
I've also been talking to Peter today the local historian, and hope to talk to the man who actually did the hedge laying sometime soon, so this weeks blogging should be slightly more fact-friendly than usual. So to make up for it here's a link to a poem.

The picture of the cut as it was reminded me of Kipling's "They closed the road through the woods, seventy years ago" seems kind of appropriate when you look at the size of trees. Here's the link. I love Kipling and grew up on it. Here's the link to Road through the Woods. Ogden Nash was similarly devoted to him and wrote a nice little poem that goes something like this

When I a winsome boy did keep
I'm told that I was fond of sleep
And later as a handsome strippling
Gave up my life to sleep and Kipling.

I can't give you the rest because, for once, I know something that doesn't seem to be on Google.


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Is kipling a verb? Is so does it mean what I think it means?

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